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Lisa Cruz

Lisa studied animationa at Atelier de Sèvres in Paris before taking her MA at The Royal College of Art in London where she graduated in 2019.

She is a drawer and tells strong stories visually with her own (french) touch! She’s currently working across animation, storyboarding, direction, commissions and collaborations in film and mixed-media projects.

Another Place

RF: Hey Lisa! Thanks for taking the time to share some work and stories with us 🙂

Lisa: Thank you ! Honoured to be interviewed. 

RF: For those that don’t know could you explain a bit about who you are and how you came into animation.

Lisa: Sure, so I am Lisa, I come from France, in the South and Guadeloupe. I graduated from the RCA in 2019. Before, I did a BA in Fine Art and Stage Design. In my previous studies I did a bit of everything mostly painting but I always wanted to do animation. After my BA I just decided to follow what I really wanted to do, so I went to Paris then London to go get it !

RF: Your work has a beautiful balance of graphic geometric design with organic and fluid motion. Are there any particular artists who helped you refine this style and any short films that you’ve drawn inspiration from.

Lisa: Yes, I love looking at painters such as Thomas Eggerer, Sarah Sze, Tatiana Trouvé, Njideka Crosby . I like to take my references in Contemporary Art. In terms of animation, my favourite is Don Hertzfeldt, the way he represents the background in relation to the characters is fascinating to me.

In animation, the background can be as foggy, conceptual or abstract as we want. My work is to find a balance between precise location and the blurriness of the way we really live our surroundings. I take a lot of care on how to depict the background in my films. 

RF:Your works are very metaphorical, how do you tend to start the creative process of turning your stories into images.

Lisa: Drawing doodles, always ! Few little framed pictures, shortly drawn, then I leave the process doing its thing haha. 

The metaphorical side is because if I have a metaphor, I have a potential idea. For me the most interesting films are based on a metaphor and everything is built around it. I even like to play with the reality of the metaphor, is the metaphor being more real than the reality? Anyways.. 

RF: We’re happy to share your first year film ‘Another Place’ on Rhythm and Frames. Could you tell us a bit about what this film represents for you.

Lisa: Thank you very much ! My first question for this film was, how to tell a story through space and not through time ? So you can see what kind of questions I can ask myself when starting a film hehe. 

There are many hidden references in this film, I used little stories of my own, little visions of my own to build this universe. 

RF: We are also eager to see your graduation film ‘Irma’. What stage are you at with this, is it on the festival circuit and how can keen eyes get hold of it. We would love to show an excerpt 🙂

Lisa; Thanks ! ‘Irma’ is at the end of its little tour now, so I am planning to release it online soon, February/March 🙂 Sure for an excerpt, you have the trailer here :

RF: Amazing, thanks so much for taking the time to speak to us ! You can check out more of Lisa’s work here.