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Different Days Collection

Different Days Collection

**Above Image (Hemden (shirts) – painting by Sigmar Polke)

Another day is another day, is another day. Time lapses, as it does in perpetuity, but the pace of life for many of us has slowed to a sluggish crawl. Each 24-hour period follows the same invariable pattern, so that differentiating between a Monday and a Thursday has become a new and unfamiliar challenge. The days of the calendar week no longer connect to the experience of living them. Wednesday is no longer ‘hump day’ just as that ‘Friday feeling’ has dissipated, along with the surge of energy that accompanied it. The week starts and it ends with little more definition than the two opposite edges of an unlaid table.

Subtle details now define a day’s mood and character: the day the post came; the day we ran out of milk; the day the government did a u-turn. But even these particularities can take on a cyclical identity when repeated over time.

These are different days and days are different now. Just not from each other.

The films that make up this screening may have formal or thematic connections to one another, but the one overriding link that combines them is their difference from each other. They offer variety in a moment when such variation is hard to come by. The collection is designed to be viewed over the course of nine days, one short film for each, different, day.

DayoneTrifling Habits by Sarina Nihei (‘3:26)

Day two​ – Trespassers, Beyond the Veil by Pernille Kjaer (‘8:26)

Day three​ – Wilderness Series by Karel Doing (‘13:37)

Day four​ – Animation that Makes a Sculpture by Nora Rodriguez (40 seconds)

Day five​ – 9 Ways to Draw a Person by Sasha Svirsky (‘6:29)

Day six​ – Tape Generations by Johan Rijpma (‘2:39)

Day seven​ – The New Exhibition by Jonathan Djob Nkondo (‘2:46)

Day eight​ – My favourite Hill by Christopher Childs (‘4:21)

Day nine​ – MERRY-GO-ROUND by Ruslan Bratov (‘12:30)