Barney Kass – Connecting Space

Barney Kass is a London based artist, sound designer and researcher. His monthly show on…

Ricardo Klein

Ricardo Klein is a DJ based between London and Italy. His moody electronic sets are…

RCA – Rhythm Analysis

We spent a day working with students from the Royal College of Art and they…

Barney Kass – Connecting Space

Barney presents two hours of lofi, glitch and ambient.

Moreiya – Granular Reverse

Moreiya presents Granular Reverse with an evening brew of selected ginger infused tunes

Jennifer Ipekel: Painting in the air

Jennifer Ipekel presents an all vinyl selection of music without borders, music from¬†Azerbeijan, Ukraine, Indonesia,…

BATB: Soniferous Journey – Gone Beyond

Three hours on a Cosmic Psychedelic tip presented by Beauty and the Beat’s Cedric and…

Connecting Space W/ Barney Kass

Barney Kass presents an hour filled with ambient electronic, jazz and textural feels.