Sisi Savidge NYE

One hour of non-stop dance move dictation brought to you by Curved Ball Radio & Rhythm and Frames to seal the year of chaos that was 2021. Prepare yourself for plenty more big toe twisters in 2022.

Track list:

Le Sabbat - Jean Luc
Taint My Mind - Kraków Loves Adana
Modern Times - Famous
Sur la planche 2013 - La femme
Obi Agye Me Dofo - Vis-A-Vis
Dawn (Buffalo Stance) ft. Brother Portrait - Footshooter
Shadow of Blood - Lena Platonos
Sex and the Church - David Bowie
Thinking of You - Lord Echo
Jamileh - Ihsan Al Munzer
NY is Killing Me - Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie xx